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About Us

Working together for Kapolei

When the James Campbell Estate broke ground for the City of Kapolei in 1990, there was nothing here but sugarcane fields.  Today, there are thousands of businesses in the region providing more than 56,000 jobs.  The Kapolei Chamber of Commerce was established in 2008, an organization serving as an advocate for business.

The Kapolei Chamber works on behalf of members and the entire business community to improve the regional and State economic climate and help Kapolei businesses thrive.  The Chamber is a member-driven, member-supported organization representing the interests of all types of business:  small, medium or large, for profit or non-profit businesses or sole proprietorship.

The Kapolei Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in Kapolei.  Let us speak for you.

aerial view of city of kapolei circa 1990 - sugar cane fields
City of Kapolei - 1990
aerial view of city
Kapolei Today